textilE DESIGN



Your logo as the first impression of your visual identity should be an elegant eye-catcher. Before I start with the design process, I do extensive research and if needed help with the namefinding.
My aim is to create an attractive and successful 'Corporate Identity' with a distinctive and uniform style.


You need an elegant layout for the new catalog, a business card, a report or your menu?

The instruction manual needs to be published as an e-book or onscreen presentation?

Whether it is according to your requirements or needs my creative input, I’m here to help.



Do you need a new website? With the help of Adobe Muse, CSS and HTML I plan, design and built your complete web presence.

Some of the possibilities are:  Responsive and Adaptive Websites, Blog integration, SEO, interactive elements, Parallax Scrolling, Google Analytics, password protected access and much more. Perhaps this side can inspire and convince you?



Undisputedly, customers will rather turn to a product with an attractive packing. An eye-pleasing design will help to move your product into the spotlight.

I am happy to design your packaging and craft a sample for presentation.


You need help with the design of a record cover or book cover? Are you interested in print embellishment like embossing, die-cutting, varnish or premium structured paper?

I can give an idea of what is possible with paper and help you to find the right production partner.

illustration And animation

I love to draw on paper and on screen as much as converting the images into ready-to-use image files. Designing icons or infographics and creating small animations means so much fun to me – for you they can be very helpful to make an advertising banner more attractive or draw more attention to your website.

typograPHY / FONTS

Absolutely my type…the aesthetics of typography are just as inspiring to me as the technical aspects of a font. As one of my favorite disciplines in the design, I love to make use of and create type and convert it into an applicable font.


I design posters, flyers,business cards and many other kind of printables for you from start to finish.

textilE design

No matter if T-shirt, Hoodie or apron, I love to design your textiles. Samples and small runs can be manufactured in my little home studio, for special techniques like silk-screen, digital print or sublimation I know the right person to talk to.


The company logo, band artwork or just a plain name embroidery on your garment? I will convert your design into a file and produce small run embroideries with the thread color of your choice.


My range of services includes the famous 'One Inch Buttons' with a diameter of 2.5 cm (or one inch) and a needle backing. Indispensable when going on tour with your band, as an advertising medium or simply as a beautiful present.

There are alternative backings like keychains, rings for finger and ear, hairclips or magnets available.

veCTORISING, RETOUCHING, reproduCtion And ConverSION

Do you need a pixel graphic transformed into a scalable vector file, ready for plotting? Do you have a low quality picture that needs some enhancement? Or do you need to optimize a file and change its format? Go no further and simply ask me.

How do you like my website?
 If you are keen on getting more information about me and my services or need a design job to be done, you can drop me a line here.

reproduCtion And ConverSION